The World of Living Walls

From lush greenery climbing along the sides of skyscrapers to picturesque flora adorning the kitchens of homes, living walls are becoming an integral part of a healthy lifestyle for both commercial and residential applications.


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You want to stand out from the crowd by providing your clients an innovative and sustainable design for their project? Say no more. Living walls are growing in popularity each day, and it’s never been easier to incorporate nature into a concrete jungle. Get the tools and knowledge you need to pitch your living wall design with confidence and see it through from start to finish. Learn more


Bringing the outdoors in is a beautiful way to increase health and happiness. Humans have an intimate connection with nature. Adding plants to your interior space can create a sense of calm and peacefulness. Living green walls provide serenity in the form of a unique piece of art adorning your home, eliminating the need to take up floor space via potted plants, and simplifying the maintenance required for plants to thrive.

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