BioMural at a private residence in Charlotte, NC.
BioMural is a new living wall system designed with consumers in mind.
Fully customizable, easy to install & maintain, and best of all – no replanting required. Simply place 4″ plants in their original nursery pots into the BioMural hardware, and you’ll be good to go!
The system consists of troughs with plant placement holes, wall mounting hooks featuring discreet BioMural branding, and a specially designed hose/end cap system that is leak tested before shipment. The passive irrigation technology allows for water to flow from the very top trough to the bottom trough with precision, either manually or built-in to an existing water line with an irrigation control unit.  
Frequency of watering is every 7-14 days depending on the species of plants used and their surrounding environment. 
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BioMural at Axiom Desert House (Turkel Design) in Palm Springs, CA.