BioMural at Axiom Desert House (Turkel Design) in Palm Springs, CA.
BioMural at a private residence in Charlotte, NC.

The BioMural design is simple yet effective: The plants sit in their own spaces in the trays, without the need to replant, since the holes are cut to fit most nursery 4″ planter pots. The soil and substrate within the pots soaks up water from the tray. 

Watering takes place via the uppermost left corner of the system, then subsequently feeds each tray, filling to a predetermined level that will not spill out the front but provides adequate water for each plant.

The water requirement is about 1 cup per plant for the entire system. The best part is, watering is only necessary every 2-4 weeks (depending on types of plants used and light availability). When the soil of the plants is dry, then it’s time to water again.